Welcome! My wife, Alli, and I live in Northeast GA with our three beautiful girls – Livie, Aliza, and Anna Brooks. Nothing in this world is more important to me.

My personal mission statement: Make the Next Wise Move
For the last decade I have helped clients THINK about possible future outcome, DECIDE how to plan, and MAKE the next wise move. For five straight years my insurance agency has been #1 in production in the company. We need to manage our resources well, but nothing happens until we produce, until we work.

Insurance is all about managing possible future outcomes.  For some it is exhausting, but analyzing future outcomes is my passion.  Wisdom is acting based on my current knowledge. Analyzing predictable AND acknowledging unpredictable outcomes is essential to the next wise move.

My brother and I also started a specialty dump truck and grading business from the ground up, using this very model of thinking, deciding, and acting. We have applied the Last to Least approach to making the next wise move in our business and have seen the same extraordinary results! We produce differently in construction than insurance, but productive work must happen.

Because I constantly read to better learn how to manage my agency and my small business, I began to notice a missing piece in the field of leadership literature. Almost every leadership author will confess “before you can lead others you must learn to lead yourself”, yet few set out to teach self management.

Last to Least is my effort to codify the system of self management that has changed my work and my businesses forever. Lack of self management skills is the reason we are so anxious and frustrated with our work. Last to Least sets out to change, not just what we do, but give us an identity at work that can not be threatened by stress or fear. We can be the most productive version of ourselves and achieve the purpose for which our work was designed! Going Last to Least will change you forever and your organization will be enhanced!

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