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This is the prequel to every leadership book….ever. Last to Least will teach you how to manage yourself by forgetting yourself.

Last to Least – Soft Cover


Last to Least – Hard Cover



Last to Least began as a thought which lead to a book which is leading to a community of people wanting more than “first place”.

At the Medical College of Georgia, Casey developed a passion to discover the root cause of a problem instead of merely treating symptoms. He uses research and experience in sales & entrepreneurship to help listeners think, decide, and act. You will walk away equipped to do the things you want to do and stop doing the things you do not want to do.


What is self-management and why is it important?
Why meeting needs must come before making profit.
How do we maximize our productivity?
How do we decide differently?
How do we do what we want and stop doing what we do not?
What rules do the great self managers live by?

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